We'll discuss your needs to determine what requirements are to be met. I'll need to know what your business needs are 3 - 5 years down the road as well. The vision of your business in the future may shape the initial approach that we take on your website.


Develop A Statement Of Work
Develop The Website

Each project and every client is unique. For budgeting purposes, a basic website with up to 6 pages could start as low as $995. Websites built on the Wordpress Content Management Platform start at $1,495. Ecommerce websites start at $4,995. Custom graphical design on any website starts at $2,495.

Go Live
Whats The Price?

The Go Live phase will have different steps based on whether you have an existing site or not. Whether email addresses are involved in the cut-over. This is where a lot of t's get crossed and i's get dotted to ensure that it all works and there are no surprises.

Follow Up

I utilize checklists to ensure that nothing gets missed. After the website is live, you'll receive a copy of the completed checklists.

Portray your business and support your clients

Based on our initial conversations, if you've got a budget in mind, I'll tell you if it's realistic or not. If you don't have any ideas about the price of web work, I can give you an esitimated range. If your budget and my range don't line up, we'll remain friends and there's no need to invest the time to develop a detailed plan to move forward.

Assuming that my range and your budget are in the same neighborhood - the next step is for me to develop a Statement of Work. This statement details the requirements that we've discussed and the proposed solutions. Your acceptance of this Statement of Work indicates that we'll move forward together on your project.

During the development of the website, you'll hear from me when I need feedback or have specific questions that you can help me with. As we get close to the Go Live phase, I'll need your blessing prior to cutting the new site over.

Discuss Your Needs
Initial Budget

Affordable Web Technology

Your website is your store front. You'll use it to both attract new prospects and support existing clients. We can convert an existing website that needs updating, or build a brand new one if you're just starting out.

I generally don't develop detailed graphical layouts of your proposed website in advance. Rather than spend that time and then limit you to 2 or 3 revisions... I'd rather just get my hands dirty and start laying out your actual website so you and I can both see it take shape. We can discuss changes and stay on course as the development occurs This approach reduces the overall time and gets us closer to the goal post right from the start.

I provide a full range of Domain Name and hosting services.