What's The Price?

I  supported Windows networks for a long time. I'm currently a Mac user (who also loaded Windows 10 on my Mac). While I use an iPhone and an iPad, I also own an Andriod tablet. I've implemented Google Apps for Business, Office 365, and GoDaddy email systems. If you want to cut the cord and eliminate your cable bill - I've done that by implementing Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

Technology Consulting

Sometimes just getting your email account connected to your Smartphone will change your life. There are a lot of solutions and most service providers can't answer how to make their stuff work with somebody eles' stuff. My friends have always used me as their go-to-guy when the s!$t hits the fan.

What's Involved?
Technology should help you run your business

My hourly rate is $150 per hour, billed in quarter hour increments. Invest in blocks of hours which are paid in advance and then utilized as needed.
5 hour block - $625 (a 16% savings)
10 hour block - $1,000 (a 30% savings)
40 hour block - $3,200 (a 40% savings)

How Will This Benefit Me?

Affordable Web Technology

There's an open ended question if I ever heard one. We need to look at your current challenge or question and simply take it from there. Let's start with phone call at 503-307-0834 or an email. If i'm not the guy who can help you, I'll try to find someone in my circle of influence that can.