SEO requires that on-page elements such as meta tags, title tags, alt tags on page content (i.e. words), etc. all be correct and relevant. Then there's the off-page elements; inbound links, sharable content, social mentions, peer reviews, etc. The algorithms that Search Engines use to rank pages are literally changing all the time. That's why my team works hard to stay current.

That depends on how you utilize your website. I have some clients who drive traffic to their website through networking and print advertising. Their website provides validation that they are a real business as well as customer support for exisiting customers. I have some clients who own a website strictly to support their paid advertising efforts. If you need your website to just be found when a prospect search the web... SEO is the ticket.

Organic SEO is priced on a 12 month commitment. It varies based on the keywords involved and the geographical region(s) you are targeting. I'm happy to provide your with a no obligation quote. Every customer is unique in this case, but I generally see the monthly minimum start at about $350.

There is an enourmous amount of effort involved in performing the correct keyword research as well as touching all the on-page elements to get organic SEO started. Then comes the regularly scheduled off-page work to keep fresh, relevant content being added to the internet to your website on the target. It can take 60 - 120 days to get the traction to move your site up in the rankings.

Do I Really Need This?
What's Involved?
Can I Do This Myself?

SEO - Organic Search Optimization

What's The Price?
Getting your website found in a "regular" search

Affordable Web Technology

Yes. Given enough time and effort anybody with a firm understanding of current SEO best practices can do this. The likely problem is that you had a full time job running your business before the website came along.

Why The 12 Month Commitment?

Normal, everday searching is referred to as Organic Search. SEO encompasses all the behind the scenes stuff required to get your website found with organic search in today's internet environment. SEO takes time and effort. With the right effort, you could see search results within 60 - 120 days. If your business needs more immediate results, AdWords might be a better option.