Affordable Web Technology

What's The Price?

Google Analytics provides a rich set of metrics (i.e. numbers) to report how many visitors are coming to your website each month, how long are they staying, what pages are they vieweing, where are they coming from... There is more data avilable in Analytics that any of us will use in a lifetime! I have used this data when recommending changes to client sites such as; going mobile, moving menu selctions around, adding calls to action, adding content, etc.

The price for monitoring and reporting Analytics each month starts at $99. Sometimes, I'll find a client with more extensive data and reporting needs so the price will go up based on the work effort involved.

Website traffic numbers that we can use to make decisions


When I'm reporting on your Analytics, I like to discern what you as a manager would want to see. I keep an on-going spreadsheet that includes traffic, user engagement, acquisition, and behaviour for each month. We need to know how many visitors we're getting. How well are we interacting with our vistors? Where are our visitors coming from (i.e. organic search, paid advertising, referrals, social media, etc.)? What are vistors doing on our site that we really need to know about (i.e. accessing the contact form, placing items in the cart, asking for quotes, etc.)?

What Do I Really Need To See?