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​​With more than 30 years experience in Management, Marketing, and Internet Development, I’ve made every mistake known to man. That means I can locate and fix most mistakes that are occurring in websites today.

 My interest in computers started with a Timex Sinclair computer that arrived in kit form – mail order from England. By 1982 I was working at the Radio Shack Computer Center in Spokane, WA. Back then, selling computers meant problem solving on your feet. I’d listen to clients business challenges on the showroom floor and then try to show them a live demonstration of how these things called computers could help solve their problems.

After teaching computer and accounting classes at the first computer school in Spokane and being the lead software developer at a start-up, I became a Customer Support Analyst for Caelus Manufacturing Systems. I pretty much spent every other week for two years commuting across the country implementing full scale Enterprise Resource Planning and Accounting systems.

Luckily, Armstrong Manufacturing (now Simonds International), hired me away from all that. Starting as their IT manager and working my way up to Vice President of Information Systems with Armstrong. I was hands on with all aspects of the business; building computers, running network cable, ensuring data was safe, getting involved in the Sales and Marketing department. The Armstrong management team believed that IT was there to support Sales and Marketing.

 When Simonds International acquired Armstrong in the late 90’s, I transitioned to become their in house web guru. Managing and marketing websites for their 14 divisions world wide and developing mission critical business applications that I deployed on the Internet. I delivered Sales Orders and A/R invoices from a website for Distributors. I’ve written applications to do General Ledger consolidations and specify manufacturing specifications for Band Saws and Circle Saws all on the internet.

 In 2009, I became full-time with my own business. Focusing on the marketing aspects of the web. I bring the ability to design, develop, and deploy just about anything you need to help your business get found, move forward, and provide customer support to your clients. You can focus on what you do best – and leave the Internet aspect of your business to me.

Website and Internet technology since 1996

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