Affordable Web Technology

Everybody benefits from a fresh set of eyes and a second opinion

As a second set of eyes and ears, I'll pick up on nuances that your staff has missed (because they're too close to the forest...). I'll ask the questions that will guide you down the path to a solution that makes sense. I'm not coming in to run your business. I'm coming in to help you run your business better.

What's Involved?

Business Consulting

That depends on the situation or project you have in mind. It could be a simple consult to share ideas, experience, and to provide you with new direction. It could be a more involved on-going engaement.

How Will This Benefit Me?

I have a long and varied business background. I've worked as a software consultant flying around the country implementing Enterprise Resource Planning systems. I've been involved in manufacturing, sat on the Board of Directors, worked on the shop floor. I've been in retail. I've been a professional instructor. I've... been around.

What's The Price?

My hourly rate is $150 per hour, billed in quarter hour increments. Invest in blocks of hours which are paid in advance and then utilized as needed.
5 hour block - $625 (a 16% savings)
10 hour block - $1,000 (a 30% savings)
40 hour block - $3,200 (a 40% savings)